Activate Warcraft 3 account


This is the activation system for It is designed for users who already have an account on our server. If you don't have an account, go and register a new one.

What is activation?

Activation is a way to inform us that you are alive - or better said, that your account is alive.

How often do I have to activate my account?

You must do it at least once per month.

What happens if I forget to activate my account?

You won't be able to play on our server until you activate your account.

Will my account get deleted if I don't activate it?

Not immediately! If you don't activate your account for 6 months, then your account may be deleted.

Do I have to pay for activation?

No! activation is 100% free.

Have you read all questions and answers? If yes, then wait before timer ends and activate your account!